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Big, silky, well colored, and waiting for you because of the Egg Trap!

Chris and I thank you for considering the use of Egg Traps as part of your trap line and utilizing our web site as a source of information and service. "We're here so that you handle more raccoon" is a mission we take seriously along with our commitment to customer service. We've drawn upon years of experience in the fur industry and the business of nuisance animal removal to provide a variety of specialized tools and equipment to make your job easier. Let us know how we can help you.

The Egg Trap is a live restraint device constructed of durable white nylon and steel with an enclosed trigger and casing that encapsulates the captured foot. This device demonstrates exceptional performance with regard to animal welfare, safety, selectivity, efficiency, and practicality.

The Egg Trap was issued US Patent 4,633,610 on January 6, 1987. Since then, the Egg Trap has been used in field research conducted by the Wildlife Section, Alberta Research Council (1989-1990-1991); the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and Illinois Department of Natural Resources (1992); the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Best Management Practices Program for Trapping (1997); and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, University of Mississippi (2000-2001-2002). The Egg Trap's positive research results remain of great benefit to trappers and nuisance wild animal control operators across Canada and the United States. The Egg Trap is a tool with a proven record and is available to provide you with years of service.

A few words to the trapping fraternity - A trapper has an inherent responsibility to insure our future generations have the same opportunities as we enjoy today. As a professional, you must create and take advantage of proactive educational opportunities; be responsible and ethical in your actions; and support your state and national trapping organizations. Settle for nothing less from yourself or your peers - our future depends on it.

Rick and Chris Tischaefer

POB 334

Butte, ND 58723-0334