Courtney Elliott, Springfield, IL --- I caught 218 raccoons in 2002 using the Egg Traps.  I started using them when Dr. Thompson developed the Egg Traps. These traps are great, I have over  125 of them.

   Allen Nickel, Nekoosa, WI --- Allen wrote: "Thanks Chris and Rick! I picked up a dozen traps from you in Marshfield this year. One of the best purchases I made. I set the dozen out opening day and thought that these pictures would make ya smile. It did me. The one with 2 coons in it were the first two that I set and I got a double. Great way to start the season."

   Bradley Oyer, Ashmore, IL --- Brad writes:  "I caught 3 coons in one week with 6 egg traps. I was running another 40 steel traps that caught nothing in the same time period. I am pleased with the egg trap. This one is the last of the season, but I plan on using more of the egg traps next year as well. I got started late with them this year."

             Bill Heine, Cold Spring, KY --- Bill writes: "Thanks for the great product and great customer service. Population minus 1. As you can see I wasn't overstating the extent of our problem here when I placed my order. 3 in 2 days! The marshmallow/peanut butter combo you suggested as bait is like coon crack! The traps are excellent. They take a drummin, but keep on comin.

Courtney Elliott, Springfield, IL --- I caught 115 raccoons in 18 days in the 2006 season. I caught 27 the first morning.

Ed Preskar, Pittsburgh, PA -- Set up one of you egg traps last night...marshmallow with peanut butter spread on it. Had a coon in the trap this morning. This was set in the same area where my son had his box trap set the other week, were the coon stole the bait from the trap. It was a fairly big coon...he wasn't very happy with me when I went to release him. One set ... One catch

Rick writes: I wanted to send you an update now that I've hung up my egg traps for the season (I think). You were indeed correct, it was mice hitting my baits. The corn cob sets worked great. I switched to shell fish oil on corn cob and eliminated the bait thieving mice. I had fun and productive season. This was my first season trapping coon. Next year, I'll take what I learned and get real serious. Thanks for your advice, your timely response and a great product. I am especially pleased with the selectivity of the egg trap. No worries with non-target species. Also, every coon I caught was held securely.

   Timothy Lulewicz, Friendship, WI -- I put three traps out opening day and scored in two of the three. Thank you for the traps.

   Allan Nickel, Nekoosa, WI -- I picked up a small, but coon sign filled piece of land with a stream running through it. The problem was the owner had cats on his farm. I set up with Egg Traps and there was no problem for the cats, but the coons did have a problem staying away from the fish oil baited Egg Traps. Thanks Chris and Rick.

   Rick Whitcomb, Shawmut, MT -- One trap, One nite, One coon!! Thanks for the video use. I will be able to trap during bird season this year without packing live traps around. I would like to order 6 more traps.

             Gray Armstrong, Roseville, IL - Gary is a firm believer in making double sets that makes for double catches.

      Jeff Greenbush, Prior Lake, MN - As we promised… Please find the attached photo’s of Kaylie’s first year trapping for coon.  We had a really slow start however; by her smiles she did great. This has been just an awesome season from start to finish. We started out buying re-rod to make stakes for the traps. Her first welding lessons were adventuress to say the least.  When she got her first coon, I was wondering who was really trapped.  She simply loves it, and says the best part of trapping is hanging out with dad… Our Grace is also starting to get the interest from watching her older sister. We might just need to reorder soon. Thanks for all the tips and a great trap.  



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