The EGG trap was tested near Hull, Quebec and in Vancouver, British Columbia. A total of 251 raccoons were captured:
. Hull- 187 raccoons:
- 117 in the Conibear 220 trap.
- 70 in the EGG trap.
. Vancouver - 64 raccoons:
- 36 in box traps.
- 28 in the EGG trap.

On the basis of preliminary necropsy reports and data analyses, it appears that the EGG trap has the capability to hold >79% of raccoons for >24 hours without serious injury. At the beginning of the trapline work, the EGG trap was as capture-efficient as the Conibear 220 trap. Later in the season, when the raccoons were fatter and possibly less inquisitive in their search for food, the EGG trap's efficiency dropped. In British Columbia, the experimental and control traps had similar efficiencies. Contrary to box traps, the EGG trap was more easily concealed and captured only raccoons.


Field Test  1990/91